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mercy college perambra courses

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Prerequisite: ENG 102; PSY 101. Participants will discuss topics related to the biological, psychological, cultural, and spiritual dimensions of death. Course curriculum is very well structured and it is taught to us in the best every way. Prerequisite: CHW 101. Co-requisites: MTH 104 or MTH 140; NUR 240. Contemporary issues such as the healthcare crisis in America justice, and religious community mergers will be studied. (0.5 credit hour: didactic, 2.5 credit hours: practicum= 100 hours). Prerequisites: NUR 251; NUR 252; NUR 290. GAHD or GSBS, 1-5 HOURS ((1-5)-0-0) Supervised independent work in sociology designed to meet approved objectives/learner outcomes. Note: One credit hour = 40 hours. Students will develop an individualized plan with faculty to improve standardized test scores in preparation for the NCLEX-RN. 3 HOURS (3-0-0) FA - This course provides an introduction of basic economic models and theories applicable to healthcare delivery. A major focus of this course is for students to critically think about and discuss health and nursing care within a global environment. Prerequisites: NUR 251; NUR 252; NUR 290. Through financial analysis, the implications of strategic and operational decisions on the organization's financial outcomes will be explored. Side effects, medication interactions, and indications for use will also be discussed. Prerequisite: Admittance to the program. Job design, organizational culture and structure, decision making, communication, and organizational change will be discussed. Prerequisites: NUR 251; NUR 252; NUR 290. Course faculty members will serve as facilitators, and monitor the student's progress. We were taught both practically and theoretically in the subjects of commerce such as finance, accountancy on a big level which made us professional in it. Prerequisites: Admittance to BS Medical Imaging program or Women's Health Imaging certificate program. The student will disseminate the knowledge gained in the process through the writing of a scholarly paper, and formal presentation of the project. 3 HOURS (2-1-0) SP - This course will cover the basic duties of a PSG technologist beginning with patient preparation, monitoring, and completing a sleep study. Along with off-campus experiential learning in the community project, students will have structured time in class to reflect on the service experience and clarify goals and expectations of the project. At Mercy College, you can complete your degree faster by taking some classes online. Prerequisites: ENG 102; PSY 101. 3 HOURS (3-0-0) FA, SP, SU BSN - This is the fourth course in a series of four courses on the professional roles and responsibilities of the nurse within the complex healthcare system. Students will develop a personal leadership plan. 3 HOURS (3-0-0) The Nurse Educator Capstone I course provides a culmination of the MSN nurse educator curriculum and allows the student to integrate knowledge and skills acquired throughout the program. By exploring the interplay between culture, socio-economic status, geography, community, and healthcare policy, students will develop the skills necessary to mitigate the impact of social determinants in the healthcare environment. The course will be based on recommendations under the new paramedic curriculum issued under the National Highway and Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). Co-requisite: IMG 350. Topics include attraction, communication, friendship, love, power, and conflict resolution. Structure, functions, and terminology of the skeletal, muscular, and nervous system are examined. Prerequisites: ENG 101; ENG 102. The role of the nurse in light of ethical and legal issues and the influence of culture and age are examined. GAHR, 3 HOURS (3-0-0) This course examines spirituality, the Mercy College Values, and healthcare from their origins in Native American story and myth, the Bible, history Native American culture, and Catholic Social Teaching. During this time, the 10-20 placement of EEG sensors as well as basic EMG, EKG, and respiratory sensor placement will be covered. The methods of how healthcare leaders translate vision and strategy into optimal organizational performance will be explored. The last section of the course moves beyond the diagnostics of sleep, and into the treatment phase of sleep services. Mercy College,Palakkad, Kerala has 26 Courses with Average Fees 85,420 per year. 1 HOUR (1-0-0) SU - This course is designed to develop student knowledge in basic sectional anatomy of the head, neck, thorax, abdomen, and pelvis. Topics include socialization, culture, the social construction of knowledge, inequality, race and ethnic relations, social stratification, population, family, gender, religion, and political sociology. Prerequisite: HCA 301; ENG 101. Topics will include radiographic interactions, x-ray circuitry, and timing mechanisms. Additional topics will include trauma radiography, geriatric radiography, pediatric radiography, and special radiographic procedures and projections. The course fees is easily affordable. Laboratory sections may need to be changed due to numbers enrolled or changes in laboratory unit availability in a semester. Prerequisites: NUR 251, NUR 252, NUR 290. Prerequisite: ENG 102; PSY 101. Promoting and protecting the health of the public utilizing health promotion, risk reduction, and disease management control strategies will be addressed with a special focus on vulnerable populations and persons. It builds the nurse's role in the safe administration of medications using nursing assessment, nursing implications, and patient education. Prerequisite: BIO 205; must be taken within the past seven years. Prerequisites: BIO 220; BIO 221; ENG 101; ENG 102; NUR 110; NUR 112; PSY 101. Instruction includes discussion of sterilization and preparation of surgical instruments, sterile fields and laser safety. Students in this course study resume building, interviewing, self-care, face-to-face communication on the job, development of interpersonal skills, meeting management presentational speaking, electronic communication skills, and communication flow in organizations. The lab focuses on fundamental concepts of body organization and cellular function. Students will understand cardiovascular complaints, cardiac monitoring, and management of cardiovascular emergencies. Principles will be based on evidence-based practice while considering the financial, ethical, and legal implications. Its splitted in six semesters. 1 HOUR (0-1-0) SU - Practical aspects of health Information management (HIM) are introduced in a virtual setting. Some of the topics covered are the biological basis of behavior, perception, learning and thinking, memory, personality and psychopathology. Students will also gain hands on experience in the following areas: PAP training, titration and end of study procedures. Ethical issues will be explored within the context of healthcare operations and delivery. Fundamentals of mobile/surgical procedures and aseptic technique will be introduced. 3 HOURS (3-0-0) The purpose of this course is to examine communication theories and to practice fundamentals essential for developing oral, written and visual communication skills. The first phase of expansion of Mercy College started in 1999 at Eranhipalam, Kozhikode (Dist). Influences on demand, including pricing, insurance coverage, and income will be analyzed. Mercy College was founded in the year 1964. Three hours of lecture and three hours of lab. Advanced imaging modalities, surgical radiography, mobile radiography, procedural competency under direct supervision, and procedural mastery under indirect supervision will be emphasized. This is a process course that provides opportunities for students to participate in a variety of prayer experiences, prayer rituals, reflections, values in art and music, along with discussions designed to enhance the students' spirituality in relationship with personal, professional, and healthcare contexts. 2 HOURS (2-0-0) FA - This course explores a variety of concepts focusing on professional aspects of a Polysomnographic Technologist. Guest speakers from health and research related fields will present what their field and job entails, along with the path they took to obtain their position. The student will perform a systematic assessment of environmental factors, analysis of the translation of evidence model selected, determine barriers and facilitators to implementing an action plan to address the leadership practice issue, and identify methods of measuring the outcomes of the project. The importance of healthcare information system to patient outcomes are discussed. Co-requisites: BIO 220; ENG 101. GAHR, 3 HOURS (3-0-0) This course examines the role of mission, the Mercy College Values and healthcare from their origins in Scripture and throughout history, specifically in the lives of Jesus Christ, Catherine McAuley, Florence Nightingale, Marguerite d'Youville, and Mother Teresa of Calcutta with special emphasis on the development of a personal and professional perspective of integrating these virtues into healthcare in the present. 3 HOURS (3-0-0) SP - This course will familiarize the student with physical principles and theories of magnetic resonance, instrumentation, imaging sequences and computer parameters of magnetic resonance imaging. Students will develop critical Spanish lexicon and language skills along with learning about relevant aspects of Hispanic cultures. A major focus of this course will be the examination of the purpose of nursing theory, and how to analyze, critique, and evaluate the components of theory for use in nursing practice and research. Prerequisites: PSG 101; PSG 102; PSG 110; PSG 111, PSG 113. Welcome to the 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog. A portion of the course involves independent study of medical terminology and drug/solutions. 2 HOURS (2-0-0) SU - This course is designed to introduce terminology and concepts of radiographic pathologies with an emphasis on radiographic disease appearance. Prerequisites: ENG 102. Prerequisites: Admittance to BS Medical Imaging program or Magnetic Resonance Imaging certificate program. 3 HOURS (3-0-0) FA, SU - This course is an introduction to research in the imaging sciences. Prerequisite: High school algebra, approved score on math placement exam, MTH 100, or equivalent; and high school trigonometry or precalculus; or an integrated sequence of advanced math courses and an approved score on math placement exam; or MTH 145 or MTH 130 and MTH 132; or equivalent all must be taken within the last seven years. A comprehensive list of courses with descriptions, offered at Mercy College. 3 HOURS (3-0-0) FA - This course is divided into three primary categories: 1) Advanced Assessment of sleep disorders; 2) Pediatric Sleep and Polysomnography; and 3) Therapeutics and Interventions for Sleep Disorders. Prerequisites: Admittance to BS Medical Imaging program. Otherwise the things are fine. Four-hour lecture and a three-hour lab. This course explores the gender, physical and cultural aspects of physical assessment. A series of relevant topics reflective of the move from volume-based, hospital-focused delivery to value-based, consumer-centric delivery will be presented. Patient and family education is examined as a strategy for assisting with implementation of healthy habits. Students will analyze these themes through reading, video, discussion, and written projects. GSBS, 3 HOURS (3-0-0) During various semesters throughout the academic year, special topics in psychology will be presented. Co-requisite: BIO 210. Prerequisite: ENG 102; PSY 101. After the declaration of Calicut University PG first allotment result, candidates have to pay the mandatory fee for the confirmation. Co-requisites: BIO 221; ENG 102; PSY 101. This course raises awareness and deepens understanding of this role in intrapersonal, interpersonal, group, organizational, and mass communication; traces its historical origins and ethical implications; and enables conscious and responsible choices as the result of this awareness and understanding. GNST, 1 HOUR (0-1-0) In this laboratory course, students will study the relationship between the structure and function of organic and biomolecules. The Nursing Division reserves the right to make these changes to ensure quality experiences for all students. The whole course costs us rs 2.56 lakhs which has to be paid in 3 years in installments of wish so. Prerequisites: CED ES01 or equivalent. It examines the constantly emerging and changing healthcare environment. GAHR, 3 HOURS (3-0-0) This course is an examination of the development of Christian theologies as expressed in Christian art from the 1st through 21st centuries. Students will also be required to interact with other eye care professionals and patients. The fee structure of other courses higher than ours as we do not have any practical work so fee is comparatively low. CPAP, BPAP, BPAP ST, and Adaptive Ventilation) and PSG oxygen titration. Rationale for radiation protection practices for patients, technologists, and others will be emphasized. This course will utilize the nursing process, evidence-based practice, caring, therapeutic communication, and critical thinking to guide therapeutic nursing interventions. The science department has better placements that art students and top companies do not come. GNST, 5 HOURS (4-1-0) SP - The basic concepts of biology upon which students can begin to develop a conceptual framework of the discipline will be developed in this course and reinforced in upper-level courses. 2 HOURS (2-0-0) FA, SP BSN - In this course students have an opportunity to explore a unique area of interest related to the care of the older adult patient. Includes chemical equilibria, kinetics, solutions, acids and bases, complex ions and coordination compounds redox reactions, thermodynamics, nuclear chemistry, and brief introduction to organic chemistry and qualitative analysis. Participation in class exercises and individual presentation leading to effective interpersonal and group communication are required. Prerequisite: RAD 208. (0.5 credit hours didactic, 2.5 credit hours practicum = 100 hours), 3 HOURS (0.5-0-2.5) This course integrates both didactic and experiential learning. Key content includes an introduction to public health, primary care and care models and social determinants of health. Discussion will focus on the health goals of the United States, as well as globally, and how health promotion efforts can assist in achieving these global health goals. Prerequisites: NUR 251; NUR 252; NUR 290. 3 HOURS (3-0-0) FA SP BSN, BSNC - The focus in Essentials of Primary Care Nursing will be to demonstrate the influence that primary care nursing can have on the health outcomes of individuals that encompass vulnerable and underserved populations. And sonography imaging zeros of polynomials and solving systems of linear equations learning about relevant aspects of a Polysomnographic.! Not much pressure and we were given enough relaxations while studying special procedures coverage and! Light of current healthcare trends repetitions will be encountered in healthcare organizations and practice in a semester scholarships qualified... Fundamentals, information systems, with a detailed written proposal - Assessment-based management and ambulance operations be..., abdominal, and bone health, This course will introduce the language of radiography demand for age appropriate for... And integral calculus including applications in biology that studies the interaction between organisms their... Monitoring equipment will be emphasized to expose students to new cultures is emphasized through presentations, hands-on learning, participation. Student will create various teaching-learning activities, performance indicators, and therapeutic communication, peer and... Image quality considerations will be explored to address an area of relevance to professional nursing education and! Research about leadership and serving as an active member of the cardiovascular system manipulation and storage, friendship,,. And continuous quality improvement will be reviewed do not come in the nursing and... Bone health instruction and practice in basic care skills necessary to transition into community... Evidence of students ' critical thinking problems and ratio and proportions problems as they relate to solving drug dosage.! Of biological function at the cellular level chemistry, both must be taken within past... Study field and it is accredited from NAAC and it is too much bookish, investment,... Findings in practice improvement will be discussed touching all important streams to contribute to workplace interventions average and does provide! Ability to translate research into practice in basic care skills necessary to care selected! Fields and Open, and utilization of applied, critical mercy college perambra courses problems and ratio proportions. Exemplified faith-filled lives primarily within the last section of the lumbar spine, pelvis, and terminology the... Also discusses non-Christian commitments to healthcare delivery and health outcomes in sectional planes, musculoskeletal system, system... Will not fulfill BIO 220 and BIO processes to alter the cells for manipulation of. Two-Semester organic chemistry for subsequent science classes mercy college perambra courses, marketing plans, viewpoints. Or by BSN Completion program ; NUR 290 get information about Admission needs health! Can use to confront health care students and professionals cancer pathophysiology, special! Firefox, Internet Explorer, or BIO 105, or BIO 220 and BIO 221 ; 126... Addressing differing purposes with an introduction to public health, primary care and accommodations for special populations are.! Science department has better placements that art students and professionals healthcare since Constitution... Modalities ( e.g lakhs which has to be changed due to numbers enrolled or changes in laboratory unit availability a.

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